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PRE-CONFERENCE | PDI.B | THE CREATIVE AGE: Master Artist Training with an International Team of Master Teaching Artists facilitated by Jorge Merced

IONA Senior Services September 24, 2016 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Margot Greenlee
Anthony Hyatt
Jorge Merced
Jeff Nachtigall
Susan Perlstein

Join a remarkable team of national and international master teaching artists facilitated by Jorge Merced and joined by Susan Perlstein for an integrated day of master workshops that include dance, theatre, visual arts, and music. Participants will leave the workshop with skill sets and action plans designed to enrich and expand their work in the field.

Led by NCCA Master Teaching Artist Jorge Merced, the collaborative approach will both expand and refine your capacity for the practice, the research, and the business of creative aging.

Professional Development Outcomes

  • Understand the role of the master teaching artist and the arts in integrating creativity in the role of flourishing across the lifespan
  • Explore unique, replicable models for study and adaptation throughout a range of art, social service, healthcare, and community settings that enrich the lives of individuals through the arts and humanities
  • Experience hands-on practice with master teaching artists in dance, theatre, music, and visual arts to generate concrete plans and resources for integration into participant work settings and contexts


Breakfast yogurt is sponsored by Cabot. Participants will dialogue over lunch in local restaurants of choice.


Who will Benefit

  • Arts and humanities professionals including teaching artists, arts administrators, art therapists, performance artists, and older artists;
  • Aging service providers including: activity directors, caregivers, volunteers, administrators;
  • Arts and Humanities Agencies;
  • Civic and Community Leaders;
  • Entrepreneurs and business professionals who are re-imagining aging;
  • Family and Professional Caregivers and caregiving support networks;
  • Grantmakers, foundations, and social enterprise agents;
  • Healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, practitioners, gerontologists, and healthcare administrators;
  • Leaders in the field of social justice for livable communities and care of the aging;
  • Leaders in age-friendly and faith-based communities, parish nursing, and aging activists; andOlder adults who are seeking to flourish across the spectrum of aging.
  • Research professionals and academicians in the arts and humanities, aging and aging services, and healthcare;
  • Senior adults who are exploring ways to freshly engage aging and impact; and
  • Veteran’s and military service agencies, individuals, and networks.
  • All of the sessions are designed for the spectrum of attendees. The Master Thought Leaders are adept at making certain that content is both challenging and meaningful for every skill level.

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