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PERSPECTIVES.B.5 | NowHere: International Exchange on Art and Dementia

Newseum - Knight 806 September 25, 2016 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

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Vera Broos
Marjolein Gysels
Alice Thwaite

Discover the experiences and results of NowHere, a collaborative project between partners and artists in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom on art and dementia. Understand how these art exchanges sparked conversations and inspired new initiatives in the creative aging field.

Presentation Outcomes

  • Participants will recognize the value of sharing experiences and artist interactions with older adults.
  • Participants will consider the opportunities and challenges of working across nations, sectors, and disciplines.
  • Participants will discuss a written statement on the core elements of the program and field.
  • Participants will understand artists’ contributions and creative processes involved in the written statement.

For Presentation Team Planning: This session DOES have PowerPoint capacity.