Capacity Caregiving Experiential

Learning Lab B.6 | Enhancing Senior & Caregiver Engagement, Purpose and Resilience through the Legacy Journey

Newseum - Knight 807 September 25, 2016 9:45 am - 10:30 am

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Tracie Bluse Ward

Lifelong engagement is critical to lifelong wellness; however, evolving life decisions, health challenges, and housing/care requirements can overwhelm both seniors and caregivers. The Legacy Journey provides both populations meaningful activities, programs, and conversations to enhance lifelong engagement, purpose, and resilience.

Experience each of the program’s pathways—Life Wisdom, Values, Generosity, and Meaningful Conversations—through hands-on activities. Learn the latest research and resources to positively impact the quality of life for seniors and caregivers.

Presentation Outcomes

  • Participants will understand the program’s impact on seniors and caregivers.
  • Participants will gain a personal, hands-on experience in four creative exercises.
  • Participants will learn where and how to access meaningful program resources for seniors and for caregivers.

For Presentation Team Planning: This session DOES have PowerPoint capacity.