CEU Foundations International PDI Poetry Practice

PDI.D | THE CREATIVE AGE: International Poetry and the Art of Creative Care: A Multi-Cultural Training with Master Teaching Artists

Busboy's and Poet's September 27, 2016 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Gary Glazner
John Killick
Henrikje Stanze
Alysha Shaw
Vanessa Torres

Internationally recognized poets Gary Glazner, United States; John Killick, United Kindgom; and Henrikje Stanze, Germany will guide participants in the creation and engagement of poetry for adults living with dementia. These international team of creative experts will guide this day of learning, collaboration, and professional development.

This experiential, high-energy professional development session equips particpants with simple yet masterful techniques to help create high-quality arts programming in their context communities. In dialogue with these master teaching artists, participants will build communication skills that increase ability to connect with people living with memory loss. The methods are useful with all audiences and transferable to working with other disability communities and cognitively well elders.

Session highlights include poetry created in the respective languages and cultures in each of the workshop leaders programs.

Joining the poets and adding music are Alysha Shaw and Vanessa Torres McGovern of LifeSongs from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Lifesongs is a life-affirming, intergenerational arts program that engages local communities to heal the fear that shrouds aging, illness, and death.

Through deep relationship-building, storytelling, music, and performance, Lifesongs promotes dignity and inclusion for elders and those at the end of life.

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Participants will engage internationally recognized experts in the creation and engagement of poetry for adults livingwith dementia.
  • Participants will develop strategies and skills for introducing evidence-based poetry interventions in their unique environments.
  • Participants will develop personal action plans for integrating these new skill sets into their work settings.

Participants will dialogue over lunch from the Busboys and Poets’ menu which has been Certified Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership (REAL) for being a healthful and sustainable restaurant. (Lunch is not included in the session price.)

Busboys & Poets-one of DC’s rising cultural landmarks-serves as host for this multi-cultural exploration of creativity and care as participants learn to both create and perform poetry with adults living with dementia.

Who will Benefit

  • Arts and humanities professionals including teaching artists, arts administrators, art therapists, performance artists, and older artists;
  • Aging service providers including: activity directors, caregivers, volunteers, administrators;
  • Arts and Humanities Agencies;
  • Civic and Community Leaders;
  • Entrepreneurs and business professionals who are re-imagining aging;
  • Family and Professional Caregivers and caregiving support networks;
  • Grantmakers, foundations, and social enterprise agents;
  • Healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, practitioners, gerontologists, and healthcare administrators;
  • Leaders in the field of social justice for livable communities and care of the aging;
  • Leaders in age-friendly and faith-based communities, parish nursing, and aging activists; and Older adults who are seeking to flourish across the spectrum of aging.
  • Research professionals and academicians in the arts and humanities, aging and aging services, and healthcare;
  • Senior adults who are exploring ways to freshly engage aging and impact;
  • Students, teachers, and educations participating in Poetry Out Loud; and
  • Veteran’s and military service agencies, individuals, and networks.


  • All of the sessions are designed for the spectrum of attendees. The Master Thought Leaders are adept at making certain that content is both challenging and meaningful for every skill level.

5 CEU hours have been approved for this session in both Social Work and National Certification Council for Activity Professionals for registered participants.