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LearningLab.A.6 | Developing Evaluation Tools for Multidisciplinary Creative Aging Programming: The Arts for the Aging, Inc. (AFTA) Model

Newseum - Knight 802 September 26, 2016 8:00 am - 9:00 am

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Anthony Hyatt
Raquel Stephenson
Janine Tursini

Examine the five-years of data collected from the Arts for the Aging, Inc. online evaluation tool for multidisciplinary creative aging. Gain insights on the need, process, and efficacy of program evaluation in the field. Understand the role effective program evaluation plays in improving, sustaining, and securing funding for high-quality arts programming.

Presentation Outcomes

  • Participants will understand the importance of sustained program evaluation.
  • Participants will gain tailored evaluation tools. Participants will discover specific uses for collected evaluation data.

For Presentation Team Planning: This session DOES have PowerPoint capacity.