Age-Friendly Innovation International


Newseum - Knight 806 September 25, 2016 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm

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Karsten Klein
Caryn Resnick
Gail Kohn
Uma S. Ahluwalia
Cynthia Wu

Vice Mayor Karsten Klein of The Hague establishes frameworks for the adoption, impact, and vision for Age Friendly cities. As the first Dutch city that joined the network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities of the World Health Organization (WHO) The Hague provides a dynamic perspective for exploring the genesis of the movement, practice and impact, and exhilarating visioning for the future. The session will feature leadership exchange, dialogue, and collaborative arts from around the globe as it brings focus to what is essential, what is vital, and what is possible as we creatively  transform our communities!

Following the keynote address,  key leaders of Age Friendly Cities in the Americas Caryn Resnick of New York City and Gail Kohn of Washington DC will address unique aspects from these urban models while Uma Ahluwalia  of Montgomery County Maryland highlight drivers behind adoption for a region with urban, suburban, and rural impact. Cynthia Wu will provide unique perspectives through the eyes of engaged businesses explores across Taiwan.

This dynamic exploration of the global model that is effectively transforming aging throughout the communities in which we live will equip us for effectively accomplishing Age Friendly goals through creativity and the arts.