Pecha Kucha 2016


Pecha Kucha Guidelines

Hello 2016 Creative Age PechaKucha Presenters!

We look forward to your contribution as a presenter at The Creative Age Conference and Leadership Exchange. The following provides an overview of the PechaKucha format along with details about preparation, submission, and the presentation itself. Feel free to give us a call (202-895-9456) at any point along the way with questions.

About PechaKucha:

PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format designed to bring maximum creativity and information exchange in a focused, fun, social environment. This worldwide presentation phenomenon is taking place in more than 700 cities around the globe.

As a presenter, you provide a PowerPoint presentation in which 20 images are projected each for 20 seconds (a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.) The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. The dynamic pace keeps the audience fully engaged and provides a rich array of presentations in a focused, social experience.

Preparing your Presentation

1) Go online and view several PK presentations available at PechaKucha or on YouTube as you select your images and create your presentation. Viewing an array of presentations will help you maximize creativity and see how to best narrate the process.
2) Compile the 20 images that best communicate your project, point, or area of expertise.  If you wish, you can include a title slide as one of the 20 images for use.
3) Compose the narrative that you will use to speak as the images automatically advance. Remember, you will have a focused 6 minutes and 40 seconds as your slides automatically advance. You will not be able to slow the process… that is part of the fun… you narrate directly to the images.
4) Most PechaKuchas do not include music. (Contact us directly if your presentation requires music and we can work to accommodate you!)
5) You will be one of up to 6 presentations in the session.
6) Remember to use bold, fun images that convey your story. Then you can use the 20 seconds for each slide to tell your story. 20 seconds is much longer than you think… so approach it image like writing a beautiful poem that tell a story this unique audience needs to here.
7) The goal is to have fun, be creative, and enjoy yourself while communicating about your remarkable work!
8) Throughout the month of August, feel free to contact NCCA staff with questions about shaping your resource. We are happy to assist!


Submitting your Presentation

1) Submit your PowerPoint to by close of business 1 SEPTEMBER 2016 to NCCA will send you a confirmation of receipt.
2) Please name your PowerPoint by Session Title and Your Name (example: AllAboutCreativeAging.JaneSmith.ppt)
3) In the email include your Presentation Title and Presenter(s) Name(s) and Title(s) NCCA will use these to generate title slides between the presentations.
4) NCCA Staff will combine all 6 presentations together into one show (with introduction slides for each presentation) to maximize time and make for seamless transitions.


The Day of…

We will meet for a technical run through the day of the presentation. Plan to arrive in the room at least 15 minutes prior to your session. Have fun. We look forward to learning alongside you.