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We are so very pleased to be working alongside you with our shared opportunity to learn, explore, and impact the world. Use this page for your support and encouragement as presenters. Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions for Presenters along with resources for designing your sessions, links to the logistics and webinar, and tools for making this a remarkable experience for you as thought leaders from around the globe.

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The following logistics will contribute to your enjoyable arrival and successful presentation in Washington DC!


PLAN TO ARRIVE EXTRA EARLY for every event. A number of high profile events with presidential motorcades are taking place throughout the weekend(including the opening of The National Museum of African American History and Culture) so travel can be unpredictable. If you get caught in a motorcade, relax, they normally pass within 10 minutes! Welcome to life in the Capitol City!

Freedom Sounds:  A Community Celebration (Friday September 23, 2016 – Sunday September 25, 2016)

The Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage is sponsoring Freedom Sounds: A Community Celebration in honor of the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  This three-day free festival will be held on the grounds of the Washington Monument on the National Mall.    Large crowds are anticipated.

Festival Hours

Friday September 23, 2016

12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.            Festival Program

Saturday September 24, 2016

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.              Festival Program

6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.              Concert

Sunday September 25, 2016

12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.            Festival Program

6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.              Concert

Dedication of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (Saturday, September 24, 2016)

The dedication of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture will take place on the museum’s grounds, located at 14th Street, N.W. and Constitution Avenue, N.W.  The musical prelude and gathering will begin at 9:00 a.m. followed by the dedication ceremony at 10:00 a.m.  The museum will open to the public from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 24, 2016 and from 7:00 a.m. to midnight on Sunday, September 25, 2016.  Large crowds are expected.

Street Closures

The following streets will be closed from 7:00 p.m. on Friday, September 23, 2016 through 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 25, 2016.

  • Constitution Avenue, N.W. will be completely closed from 12th to 18th Streets, N.W.

NOTE: The 12th Street tunnel will remain open during this time period.

  • 15th Street, N.W. from Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. to Maine Avenue, S.W.
  • 14th Street from Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. to Independence Avenue, S.W.
  • Madison Drive, N.W. from 7th to 15th Streets, N.W.
  • Jefferson Drive, S.W. from 7th to 15th Streets, S.W.

Motorists may encounter additional street closures throughout the weekend and are requested to exercise caution while traveling in the area. There will be no public or bus parking near the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture during the dedication ceremony. All visitors to the National Mall will be subject to security checks and encouraged to use Metro.


Before you arrive
  • Review the Presenter Logistics Webinar with Greg Finch and Jorge Merced (if you have yet to do so.) It will help you be comfortable with the Leadership Exchange format.
  • Visit Travel & Hotel with arrival information to orient yourself to the city along with the conference site location, local hotels and landmarks, and a guide to MetroRail.
  • Here is the UBER discount code for first time users: UBERON20
  • Though the Saturday Professional Development sessions are sold out, there a few spaces left for the Tuesday Professional Development Sessions. 
  • Register now for
    International Poetry and the Art of Creative Care: A Multi-Cultural Training with Master Teaching Artists
    OR Welcoming People with Dementia and their Caregivers to your Museum, Bringing the Museum to your Facility.
  • Visit  At-A-Glance to orient you to the overarching conference days, events, and times.
  • If your session room has Audio Visual, bring a back up of your presentation on a thumb drive just in case!
  • International Presenters with special housing accommodations will receive a logistics email this week.
  • Please note that throughout the Conference NCCA Media Partner Next Avenue will be conducting interviews AND videographers and photographers will be digitally capturing the event. Your attendance may be recorded as part of the proceedings. If this presents any problems please let a team member know when you register.


  • In general, PLAN TO ARRIVE EXTRA EARLY for every event. A number of high profile events with presidential motorcades are taking place throughout the weekend(including the opening of The National Museum of African American History and Culture) so travel can be unpredictable. If you get caught in a motorcade, relax, they normally pass within 10 minutes! Welcome to Washington DC!
PRE-Conference Arrival
  • Take advantage of Friday and Saturday events in addition to the rich cultural opportunities of Washington DC.
  • Visit Events Schedule to register for these FREE events!
  • And for NIGHT OWLS (those who love late night activity,) visit Art All Night DC Festival for special late night cultural events taking place throughout the city.
  • Have your breakfast and a cup of coffee to arrive energized on Sunday!
About Technology
Visit your Session Page on the website to confirm audiovisual capacity of the room. If your room has audiovisual capacity, the following will address many of your questions.
  • Session rooms with audiovisual capacity will provide a laptop and connection to a video monitor. (You DO NOT need to bring your own laptop or connectors.) You are responsible for any additional audio support. In rooms that require amplification, mics will be provided.
  • The Leadership Exchange planning team recommends limiting use of PowerPoint as this is a dialogue driven exchange. Use PowerPoint like a “Lily Pad” with images that you jump from on to anther to tell your unique story content.
  • We recommend limited use of video (any clip longer than 45-60 tends to start taking attention away from the room.) See if you can tell your story through narrative. If you do use video, you will need to have it embedded in your presentation as WiFi is always unpredictable.
  • Though your session was preloaded (if you submitted according to guidelines) it is always helpful to bring a copy on thumb drive in case of any technical issues.
  • Always be prepared with a back plan in case your session goes down.

Leadership Exchange Sunday

  • Newseum Conference Center Doors open at 7:30AM. (Greeters will welcome you at the 6th Street Knight Conference Center Entrance, AROUND THE CORNER from the main entrance on Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.)
  • Breakfast IS NOT included.
  • Jazz Brunch IS included.
  • Arrive early at the Newseum’s 6th Street Entrance to enjoy the morning.  You will be greeted and guided to an elevator to the 7th Floor Conference Space.
  • Here you will register, get your Conference Program, and be able to begin making art with a team of educators from Blick Art Materials as part of this celebration of creativity. Begin your networking and take in the great space of the Newseum and phenomenal views of the city.
  • Additionally, as part of your registration, you will recieve a FREE ticket to the Newseum’s full exhibition valid for the remainder of 2016!
  • Then dive on in to one of the Expression sessions that will be taking place on both the 7th and 8th floors. This is a rare opportunity to experience sessions with presenters from around the world. Early in the morning? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.
  • Following the Expression sessions join the world for the Opening Celebration and Jazz Brunch with Chairman Jane Chu of the National Endowment for the Arts.
  • Sunday evening you are on your own for dinner in the area with both new and old friends and colleagues. The area is rich with gastronomical diversity!


Leadership Exchange Monday
  • Newseum Conference Center Doors open at 7:30AM. (Greeters will welcome you at the 6th Street Knight Conference Center Entrance, THIS AROUND THE CORNER from the main entrance on Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.)
  • Breakfast IS included.
  • Box Lunch IS included.
  • Plan to arrive early for networking time over breakfast. Then explore a range of learning labs throughout the day as expansions of Plenary Sessions in Research and Business.
  • Over an extended lunch you will have time for networking conversations as well as focused breakout sessions. Feel free to take your box lunch with you, and do plan to arrive on time for each session you attend. Your presenters have been working hard to prepare for your exchange.
For your Session/s as a Presenter
  • Please connect with your room monitor at least 10 minutes before your session. They will orient you to the room and take care of your needs.
  • The conference center is very compact. Though some breaks are short, with planning, you can make it just fine.
  • Check in on your needs, room set up, and if your room has Audio Visual capacity you can check your preloaded session. Remember to bring a copy on your thumb drive in case there are any problems.
  • Your room monitors will collect CEU paperwork and pass out any handouts you may have during your session. You will need to provide your own handouts and can plan on 15-50 per session. You can also make handouts and PowerPoints available on the NCCA website after the Conference.
  • If you are in a Paired Session, if you have not already done so, you can connect prior to your session.
  • Above all, arrive with an attitude that is relaxed and open. Each session is designed for shared dialogue with colleagues. The goal is for you to enjoy the time as much as your attendees. If there are any glitches, we will work to take care of those needs. We are all creative and can adapt when needed!
Please contact NCCA staff this week with any questions or considerations you might have. We are here to help you have a great time of renewal and learning. Thank you for being a part of this remarkable gathering. Give a call to 202-895-9456, email or SKYPE at National Center for Creative Aging.
With best wishes for safe travel as you make your way to Washington DC!
The NCCA Staff and 2016 Conference Planning Team.


If you were unable to attend the 2016 NCCA Conference Presenter Logistics Webinar please click here to view the recorded session.

Dear NCCA 2016 Leadership Exchange and Conference Presenter,

We so look forward to our time together this September at the world-renowned Newseum Knight Conference Center and spectacular cultural and aging service sites throughout Washington, DC!

You are part of a global constellation of presenters who will shape the field with your expertise, wisdom, and artistry. This email confirms your session time, location, objectives, and AV capacity.

Thank you for your grace and flexibility during the time we navigated the logistics to provide an optimal experience for both presenters and attendees!  


                            Here is an example


  • In preparing your PowerPoints, if you are using audio or video, please make certain the video is embedded into the Presentation (as WiFi can be temperamental.)
  • PLEASE Upload your PowerPoint no later than 6 SEP 2016 toNCC POWERPOINT SESSION FOLDER . NCCA staff will preload sessions with PowerPoint, and place sessions without PowerPoint on the web. Remember to bring your presentation on a portable device as a back up.
  • For international presenters who have been in dialogue with NCCA Staff about accommodations, you will receive a follow up email with check in information.

Making the Most of Your Leadership Exchange Experience

Here are a few TIPS to orient you to the leadership exchange model and make the most of your conference experience.

About the Leadership Exchange Model

Leadership Exchange brings together thought leaders and practitioners from the field for dynamic, dialogue-driven exchange of ideas and practice. Rather than a standard conference session, leadership exchanges are designed to present ideas and then collaboratively engage and apply them in the context settings unique to each attendee. Presenters and attendees collaboratively learn and emerge refreshed from the process and ready for application in their unique environments. TIP Approach each session as a new dialogue partner. Listen to what is said and allow it to stretch you into new ways of thinking. Then consider how best you might offer learning from your perspective.

About Technology

The 2016 NCCA Leadership Exchange and Conference blends technology with content to enhance your conference experience. The Conference Site can be accessed throughout our time together on your smart phone or tablet to access speaker information, session content and outcomes, and helpful resources as you plan each day.

2016 NCCA Leadership Exchange and Conference website will remain live in order for your to apply your learning at home with access to presentation handouts, surveys, and research  and research. You can review and freshly engage your sessions as well as explore sessions you were unable to attend.

Multiple sessions are using virtual reality to bring together international participants in virtual worlds to communicate new ways to access creative aging in remote, underserved, and isolated communities as well as for enhanced accessibility. Use the orange ID tags on the website to identify film, technology, and virtual settings to expand your knowledge base.    TIP Access the 2016 NCCA Leadership Exchange site at OR on your smart phone or tablet to explore throughout the conference and communicate your learning experiences to peers and colleagues at #CreatveAge2016.

2016 Focus

This year’s Leadership Exchange spotlights Age Friendly Communities, Global Brain Health, and Creative Caregiving to refresh, equip, and inspire your work – across the street and around the globe – as we learn and engage with one another. Consider ways these spotlights might “illuminate” your own work and world. TIP Shine these three “spotlights” on your own community or environment as you engage speakers in the various sessions to see where you might grow, deepen, or innovate.

2016 Lenses

As in years past, the Leadership Exchange uses the lenses of Practice, Research, and Business of Creative Aging to more clearly see ways to create dialogue and information exchange. TIP Engage these lenses to examine your own work and then articulate strategies from key sessions to engage on your return.

2016 Learning Tags

All sessions on the website feature orange ID Learning tags that identify special features of each session.   TIP Enrich and expand your experience by choosing sessions marked with Learning Tags that stretch your expertise and learning.

About Artmaking

The design team understands that artmaking is essential to our work alongside our personal renewal and stamina, and, in turn, for the communities we serve. TIP Allow yourself to embrace varied modalities throughout the sessions. Allow color, movement, sound, and touch to enrich your learning experience and revitalize your spirit.  Consider ways you can more fully engage varied artmaking modalities in your work.


2016 Session Types

The 2016 design and curating teams emphasized multidisciplinary collaboration, global perspectives, and professional development to build out the session configurations. TIP Select a range of Session Types that will round out your experience. Choose the widest spectrum of session types for the riches experience.

Perspectives Sessions

These sessions engage multi-national learning teams to foster global insight and innovation. TIP Imagine what you can learn from “other ways of doing things” that can spawn new creativity and innovation in your work.

Expressions Sessions

These sessions integrate experience and focused dialogue to foster leadership skills, capacity-building, and/or professional development. TIP Make certain to select one or two Expressions sessions that will build your own skill sets and development.

Learning Lab Sessions

These sessions explore emerging trends, adaptable models, and skill-building to inform and heighten skills and program impact. TIP Make sessions choices based upon ways your organization or practice can benefit from proven models and then consider adaptability and innovation for your work.

About Presentations and Presenters

All presentations and presenters were selected through a curation process using 8 ranking rubrics for selection. Highest marks given to global, collaborative, and multidisciplinary sessions. There are very few single person sessions. In these cases the curating team thought the work helpful for the field though it did not fully meet all criteria.

In some cases, a single presenter may be facilitating more than one session. The curating team made this decision to make certain you did not have to miss hearing a key speaker due to conflicts with your own interest. TIP Review the online version to locate multiple sessions a single presenter may be conducting and then choose the one that allows you to attend other sessions important to your interests and development.  

3 Key Concepts Presenters will Engage

We have worked alongside our presentation teams to embrace three key concepts in the design and facilitation of their presentations.

Collaborative Exploration

Each of your session presenters has been equipped and encouraged to engage you as a learning partner. We are learning together, guided by the content facilitators in each session. TIP Work to respectfully and succinctly participate in dialogue and inquiry. Consider using three phrases to guide your contributions to dialogue:

It seems to me…

I wonder if…

I think I will…

Narrative Expression

Our session presenters are working to tell stories that invite you into the narrative share learning. They have considered the concept of “Lily Pads” as they engage narrative to jump from pad to pad in our learning. TIP Consider ways that your own narrative aligns and diverges from the narratives. Then explore the gaps for new learning and ways of approaching challenges, resources, and outcomes.

Transferable Action

We have asked our presenters to ask their learners to identify concrete ways this learning might challenge, enhance, or transform their work. TIP Approach every session with the inquiry, “How does impact the ways I will conduct my work this week, next month, and next year?”

Key Concept TIPS for Navigating the Leadership Exchange

And for you as participants and collaborative learners, work to integrate some of the following navigational tools for your journey through the leadership exchange.


TIP Allow yourself to rest and be renewed. Take advantage of every session you can while knowing that it is perfectly fine to “sit one out.”

Size Does Not Matter!

TIP The most effective sessions for you and your attendees may not be those with the greatest attendance. The most effective sessions are the ones that foster dialogue and exchange that equip you for renewal and informed vigor in your work. A circle of 5 may be more helpful than a session of 50 if it stimulates dialogue and exchange that transform your work and fosters new collaborations.


TIP Think of the leadership exchange as a navigational map that allows you to boldly set sail. Choose sessions that challenge your assumptions. Choose sessions that sound like fun. Choose sessions that invite you to explore the previously unchosen path.


TIP Anticipate that every session, networking moment, and event will benefit from your voice as both recipient and benefactor. You can be silent while being actively present in ways that foster learning for the entire group. Create collaboration with your presence.

Collaborative Sparks

TIP Make some sparks! Allow your conversations to challenge your assumptions and provoke new ways of thinking.

Stretch & Focus

TIP Allow yourself to step beyond your comfort zone. “Beyond the zone” is sometimes where we learn the most. And then as you see fresh learning coming to focus, write it down, capture it for future exploration.


TIP Remember our shared work… building a world in which every individual flourishes across the lifespan through creative expression. These days are a rare opportunity to take time to flourish among your peers and colleagues. Celebrate, feel, engage, build, remember, and grow!




How will NCCA orient me to the conference and logistics?

NCCA staff will be providing two webinars to guide you through the conference and answer questions you might have. Please register for the following webinars if you have yet to do so. And of course you can always contact NCCA staff with any questions at

Presenter Orientation Webinar with Greg Finch | 18 May 2016 from 1:00PM until 2:30PM Eastern Time USA | Click here to review the recorded webinar 

Presenter Logistics Webinar with Bill Cleveland, Greg Finch, and Jorge Merced | 7 September 2016 from 1:00PM until 2:00PM Eastern Time USA | (Register Now)

Webinars will be recorded for any unable to make the session.



The Leadership Exchange model is a frontline collaboration format embraced by thought leaders in professional, academic, and creative settings including The Museum of Modern Art and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

The Leadership Exchange format:


The Leadership Exchange format:


Qualities of an Exceptional Leadership Exchange Presentation


The Leadership Exchange format is a dynamic conference experience that builds upon collaborative process and varied perspectives of all presenters. Presentation teams were selected through a curation process comprised of experts in the field. Each session was included based upon session goals in the submission rubrics including: multi-disciplinary collaboration, providing global perspectives and innovation.

All submissions went through a curation process in the Fall of 2015. In early January Presenters were notified of their status and placed in interim positions for the Leadership Exchange as we waited for acceptances from presenters. As stated in the Call for Entries, all submissions are subject to the possibility of being paired with other submissions in shared time slots or other formats than submitted to meet the overarching leadership exchange goals of collaboration, global perspectives, and shared learning.


How do I receive my Presenter Discount Code?

You would have received your code with your confirmation to present email. If you are not able to locate the code call NCCA at 202-895-9456 to confirm and receive the code.

Is there a timeframe for using the Presenter Discount Code?

Yes. All presenters are asked to register using the Presenter Discount Code NO LATER THAN 1 JULY 2016! This assures that we have a confirmation from all presenters. Please contact NCCA directly if this poses a problem and we will explore options on a case-by-case basis. If you are unable to locate the code call NCCA at 202-895-9456 or email to confirm or receive the code.

How do I register at the Discounted Presenter Rate?

Contact the NCCA team at or by calling 202-895-9456.

What if I am still working to raise travel funds?

The Presenter Discounted EarlyBird Rate remains available through 1 July, 2016. If you are still waiting to determine funding, please set up a call or Skype so that we can work with you to make certain you can attend this seminal event.

Can I use more than one discount?

Only one discount is available per Presenter. NCCA has worked to provide you the most generous discount. The one exception is if you are 65 or older you can call NCCA at 202-895-9456 to receive a Senior Discount.

Are there discounts for presenters for PDI events?

Only the regular EarlyBird discount.

How do I get my Presenter Code?

If you did not receive your code with email confirmation (or are unable to locate it) simply contact the NCCA team at 202-895-9456.

What if I am a student?

Congratulations, you are the future of the field! NCCA has special discounts for students. Simply contact the NCCA team at 202-895-9456 to receive your code.


It seems that am paired with another session in my time period. Is this correct?

Yes. In some cases you may find that you have been co-located in a time period in order to facilitate overarching learning goals of the Leadership Exchange.

The Leadership Exchange format is built upon the sharing of knowledge and expertise. The call for presentations placed a high value on collaborative presentation teams, particularly those with international participation. If you have been placed with another presentation it was because the curating team saw value in the sharing of your expertise together.

If I am paired with another session or my proposed format has been changed, what do I do?

Your were uniquely selected for your presentation content. Though you may have been paired with another presentation session… the goal is to present your material.  You are free to adjust your content to the time and format. However, over the last two years many have decided to reach out and partner with co-presenters to develop a presentation that weaves together the best of each of your areas of expertise.

NCCA will gladly help facilitate the process. We will discuss this during the orientation call in May, providing plenty of time to align your session, together! The NCCA staff remains ready to help you tailor your session to the format and time allotted.

Can I contact other session presenters who share my time slot?

We wildly encourage you to do so! This is the goal, collaboratively learning. Previous Leadership Exchange session co-presenters have actually developed new projects together that emerged from their time as co-presenters at the Leadership Exchange. If you would like to reach out to a presenter that shares your session, please contact NCCA directly at or call 202.895.9456 and a NCCA staff member will assist you.

Will I have audio visual support for PowerPoint presentations?

Audio visual capabilities are not available in every space in the Newseum Knight Conference Center. The planning team has worked to accommodate audio visual support for the teams with the greatest need. When final assignments have been completed in June, you will be notified about the level of audio visual support for your team’s presentation.

What if I have been selected as a PechaKucha Presenter?

PechaKucha is a dynamic, well-received presentation style, similar in format to a mini-TED talk for the field. It was so popular in 2014 that we brought it back in 2016.

PechaKucha presenters WILL DEFINITELY have PowerPoint capacity in one of the large presentation spaces. See the link below for creating and presenting in the PechaKucha Session format.

What if I have been selected as a Poster Presenter?

The Newseum Knight Conference Center offers a high visability positioning for Poster Presenters. See the link below for creating and presenting in the Poster Session format.



What if I find an error on my presentation on the NCCA Conference website?

Please email  or call 202.895.9456 and we can remedy the error!




Poster Guidelines

Pecha Kucha 2016